NICKSN z Amsterdamu rozbije Dubflex v Subclube


Holandský producent a dj Nicksn priletí priamo z Amsterdamu aby na párty Dubflex v Subclube odohral masívny tanečný dubstep set plný dubplateov, bookletov a fresh music, ktorú sme ešte nemali možnosť na Slovensku počuť. Spolu s ním na akcii vystúpia blázniví Dubshoock, Miretz, Basscore, Pat a Robx. Bude to hustá jesenná dubstepová žúrka, tak sa všetci dostavte a príjemne zabavte ☺

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English BIO
Ever wondered how it is to masticate on an eclat of dark and plenipotentiary music?
Nick ‘Nicksn’ Takes will make you feel and hear this type of music and will bring you a taste of the daedal, concupiscible sound that he likes. He started his journey around 2008, being inspired by the harder, darker and byzantine sounds of dubstep & drum n bass, trying to make the music that fulfills his own taste. After hooking up with the dubstep duo Torpex (NL) he wrote 2 tracks as a collaboration called ‘Pump the Jam’ and ‘Screech’ making this his debut in 2011 on Subway’s sublabel called S.C.U.M. Records, making this his first vinyl/digital release ever. Today he’s tries to inspire others to follow their dreams and is not considering to stop writing music any time soon. In fact, he’s just getting started. his bits are already being played by the likes of Numbernin6, Tomba, Modestep, Culprate, Sinister Souls, Devnik, Robokop, Nicon and many more!
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  Dose of Dubs 1 mixed by NICKSN by Nicksn

Nicksn & Torpex - Pump the Jam [S.C.U.M. Recordings]

Nicksn & Torpex - Screech